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Dental Issues Associated With Poor Control of Blood Glucose

smile health teethYour dentist may halt dental treatment and procedures upon learning of your diabetes. High blood sugar levels increase the risk of infection after dental surgery.

Key takeaways:

· High levels of blood glucose cause problems for the teeth and the oral cavity because it promotes growth of harmful bacteria.

· Uncontrolled blood sugar is therefore linked to a greater risk of gum disease.

· Serious periodontal disease on the other side has a high potential of causing the progression of diabetes.

Other dental complications related to uncontrolled diabetes include thrush, an oral fungus, and dry mouth, which can cause sores and ulcers. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, the better you control your blood glucose, the lower your risk is for periodontitis.

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Dr. Sam Etemadi DDS Lund University – Sweden July 1998

Dr Sam Etemadi DDS graduated from Lund University in Sweden with a degree in dental surgery (DDS) in 1998. His career has encompassed both national health and private practice with a particular interest in cosmetic dentistry. Dr Etemadi also has a special interest in endodontics (root canal treatment) and holds a certificate in endodontology gained from University of Chester.