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Are Antibiotics Required for Dental Treatment?

Most simple procedures on the teeth can be carried out without the need for antibiotics but some patients are more prone to bacterial infections than others. For these patients, antibiotics will probably be required. This process is called antibiotic prophylaxis and is administered to prevent infective endocarditis, an inflammation of heart tissue.

Patients with heart problems, or who have undergone surgery of the joints, should consult with their dentist before having their teeth attended to.

– Heart Defect. Your dentist should be made aware of any congenital heart diseases before even the simplest procedure.

– Heart Transplant. Antibiotics will most likely be required for patients who have had a heart transplant and this is also the case with artificial heart valves.

– Joint Surgery. Patients who have undergone surgery on any of the joints are more at risk of developing infections and may need antibiotics to prevent this.

Dr. Priya Grewal said in a recent article “Whether you’re getting treatment for gum disease or a tooth extraction, talk to your dentist” and that goes doubly if you suffer from any of the above mentioned conditions. Dr. Grewal’s full article can be read online at