Another Reason To Smile

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Cut dementia risk by taking care of your teeth

 teeth health smile dentistA new Japanese study has found that the more teeth a person still has, the less likely they are to develop Alzheimer’s Disease, demonstrating a link between oral health and brain health.

Key Takeaways:

-11.5% of the Japanese seniors included in the study developed Alzheimer’s over a 5-year period, with those who had suffered the loss of at least some teeth having a 62-81% higher chance of contracting the disease.

-UK adults over age 55 are not seeing their dentist as often as they should; approximately 80% of them are showing signs of gum disease, indicating a strong possibility of negative mental health outcomes in the long run.

-Care for your smile well right from the start, and it will pay off for you in the future. Visiting your dentist regularly while your oral health is still good will let you keep more of your dental structure intact, giving you better chances at good mental health in your old age.

“A growing number of studies have focused on the link between oral and mental health.”

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