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Do You Qualify for All-on-Four Dental Implants?

All-on-four dental implants are an option for replacing a row of missing teeth and restoring your smile. When you are missing one or two teeth, your dentist may recommend a separate implant as a replacement for each tooth. However, this can be a lengthy and costly process if you have a complete row of teeth you are looking to replace. 

The All-on-Four procedure will involve four strategically placed dental implants, with a set of custom-made teeth (dentures or a bridge) attached to them. This provides greater stability and security to the artificial teeth, so they are more comfortable. 

All-on-Four dental implants are a perfect solution if you are missing a row of natural teeth or all your teeth, either on the upper or lower jaw. Your dentist will be able to advise you on whether you qualify for the procedure. 

If you are missing only the odd tooth on a row then your dentist may recommend alternative solutions such as an individual dental implant or an implant supported bridge. 

Dental implants are composed of a titanium “root” that is anchored in the jaw bone. Therefore, your jaw bone must be strong enough to support the implants.

If you have ignored missing teeth for awhile, your jaw bone may have been lost due to lack of stimulation. A benefit of All-on-Four implants is that it stimulates the bone to generate growth, helping prevent further bone loss. 

To be a candidate for the All-on-Four procedure, you will initially need to have enough bone to support the dental implants, which is one reason why you should address missing teeth sooner rather than later. If you do not have sufficient bone then a bone graft may be possible.

Healthy gums and good overall oral heath are important in order to be considered for all-on-four dental implants. Your dentist will need to assess your teeth and gums during a routine check-up and if there are any problems such as gum disease or cavities it will need treating prior to qualifying for the implants. 

However, if you are missing a number of natural teeth, All-on-Four implants are a possible solution to help restore your appearance and smile. You’re invited to arrange a consultation with us to learn more.