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A Quick Look at Single-Tooth Dental Implants

There are many reasons why a tooth might become irreparably damaged. Simple decay, acute injury or a dead nerve are three common occurrences. One of the main ways to deal with such a situation is to obtain a single-tooth implant.

A dental implant will replace both the underlying root and the tooth itself. In order to appreciate this option, it is important to take a look at some of the main advantages of implants as well as how the procedure is performed.

The Benefits of a Single-Tooth Implant

One primary reason why a dentist may opt for this implant is that it will completely replace a lost tooth without risking the integrity of surrounding teeth. This is not always the case with bridges, as they require support from nearby teeth.

As the entire root is replaced, the density of the underlying bone will not be compromised. This can help to prevent the loss of additional teeth in the future.

Maintenance is also a very real concern. It is often much easier to clean a single-tooth implant when compared to a bridge due to its simple design. Thus, the gums around the implant are less likely to recede and no gaps will be seen between the tooth and the tissue.

Above all, implants offer an aesthetically pleasing end result and they are built to last.

How Will a Single-Tooth Implant be Inserted?

The initial implant base will be screwed into the jaw and allowed to heal for between two and six months. A temporary tooth is normally provided until this process is completed. A secondary extension piece will sometimes be applied during this stage (although this might not always be necessary).

Assuming that the implant base and the jaw have successfully fused together, a permanent replacement crown will be created. This tooth is designed in such a way as to flawlessly mirror the surrounding teeth and there will be no appreciable differences.

Single-tooth implants are one of the best ways to restore a flawed smile and users will be able to remain confident that they have been provided with a permanent solution.

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