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Dental Implants Northampton


A dental implant is a small screw made of titanium, a well tolerated metal, that integrates readily with the body. The dental implant is inserted in the jaw bone by…

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Tooth Extractions Northampton

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction is necessary when a tooth is beyond repair. It is recommended to have replacement treatments like a dental implant to maintain the tooth’s function. FAQ’s Dental Emergencies We…

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Biteguards & Sports Gumshields Northampton

Biteguards & Sports Gumshields

Bite guards & Sports Gumshields are small plastic appliances, tailor-made for you to protect your teeth from impact or trauma. A Biteguard is a soft transparent removable plastic appliance. Sport…

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Teeth Whitening Northampton

Teeth Whitening

Everyone who opts for teeth whitening will see some kind of improvement in brightness and whiteness of their teeth. Nevertheless, you must remember that teeth whitening is NOT a permanent solution. The…

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Scaling & Polishing Northampton

Scaling & Polishing

This is one of the most common procedures in a dental practice. Regular removal of hardened salivary sediments or scales will help to keep gums healthy. FAQ’s Dental Emergencies We…

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Oral Cancer Screening Northampton

Oral Cancer Screening

The key is to identify the disease at its earliest stage. With the help of oral cancer screening methods, we are able to detect and identify precancerous oral lesions at…

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