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Study to Find If Botox Could Treat Social Anxiety

smile health teeth dentistResearchers at the George Washington University are carrying out a study to investigate if Botox could treat social anxiety. Social anxiety is a psychological disorder that leads to high levels of fear in social settings.

Key takeaways:

– Some of the symptoms of social anxiety are nausea, palpitations, rapid speech, excessive sweating, panic attacks, excessive blushing, and trembling.

– The researcher will be seeking to know if injection of Botox into the facial muscles will help treat the disorder.

– The use of Botox is targeted at the part of the brain referred to as the amygdala involved in anxiety and depression.

“The aim of the research will be to determine if Botox injected into the frown muscles (the muscles that pull the eyebrows together to produce a worried look) will help with social anxiety.”

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