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Oral Hygiene Issues with Your Teenager

How to Talk About Oral Hygiene Issues with Your Teenager

The fast-paced world of adolescence can sometimes be quite overwhelming. Unfortunately, this can lead some teenagers to neglect the health of their teeth and gums. It is important to appreciate the fact that the decisions made during this stage of life will have a profound impact well into their adult years. 

This is why the correct habits should be adopted and certain practices should be avoided. What are some professional takeaway points and how can teenagers avert larger problems as they transition into adulthood? Let’s take a quick look at some relevant takeaway points. 

The Possible Health Risks of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes) have become a popular alternative to their traditional counterparts due in part to the assumption that they are healthier. However, these appliances are not without their risks. 

Recent studies have suggested that e-cigarettes could contribute to gum disease due to the inflammatory hormones which they cause the body to release. Furthermore, there may be a tentative link between “vaping” and potentially serious pulmonary injuries such as collapsed lungs. Thus, it may be better to avoid electronic cigarettes entirely. 

Orthodontic Issues

It is not uncommon for permanent teeth to emerge crooked during adolescence. This is why braces and similar treatments will often be recommended. We need to appreciate the fact that these will not only serve aesthetic purposes. 

Straight teeth are much easier to clean. This will reduce the chances of issues including cavities and gum disease. The same holds true in regards to wisdom teeth. If they begin to emerge at an improper angle, a dentist may be required to perform an extraction. This helps to avoid overcrowding and once again, more permanent problems can be avoided. 

Additional Oral Concerns

There is no doubt that every teenager wishes to enjoy a white and bright smile. However, this appearance may come at a cost if at-home bleaching kits are used. Such methods might actually cause the enamel to become damaged and it is not uncommon for teeth to become more sensitive. This technique should only be carried out by a professional. In the event of bad breath (also known as halitosis), changing oral care habits will often solve this problem. 

Consulting with a dentist will help to highlight any issues and identify the ultimate cause of these symptoms. Knowing how to properly address oral health concerns is the best way to prevent future dental problems.